AMT microwaves can be used to enhance solid-liquid chemical extractions or leaching processes. Our technology operates at 2.45GHz (the same as your microwave at home) which means they work best with water based systems. By using microwaves with water as a solvent we can vibrate molecules on the barrier between the solid and liquid allowing for remarkable rates of extraction. This helps us achieve a wide range of benefits to the extraction process:

Improve extraction yield with microwave technology

Increased yield

By vibrating the molecules close to the interface between the solid and liquid, we increase the effectiveness of the extraction process meaning we can improve yields and reduce the required extraction times compared to typical processes.

Reduce opperating temperature with microwave technology

reduced temperature

By using a more effective microwave based system for extraction we can reduce the operating temperature allowing us to target compounds for that would normally thermally degrade when using conventional methods of extraction.

Microwaves enable the use of water as a solvent

water as a solvent

By using water instead of more expensive and potentially dangerous oil derived solvents we are better able to produce food/nutraceutical grade extracts. This also means the residual solid left over is not contaminated and requires no further treatment.

Our primary application in extraction is producing antioxidant and phenolphenol rich extracts for the food and cosmeceutical industries but the technology has potential for improving many other processes that we are yet to explore (e.g. extracting botanical flavours for gin production or creating extracts for the flavours & fragrances industry). Find out today if we can improve your process by getting in touch: