Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a technology that has made a huge impact to the green energy market helping to produce bio-methane gas. AMT offers a fantastic pre-treatment solution to further unlock the potential of this industry. By applying our industrial high strength microwaves we can break down and hydrolyse tough to digest feedstocks. This makes the AD process more productive and helps to increases the return on investment.

Microwave pre-treatment helps generate more biogas

Increase gas generation

By providing high strength microwave energy directly into the feedstock we are able to hydrolyse cellulose, hemicellulose and starch components present in most feedstocks. Typically, in a normal AD system, these components require a long time to break down. This, combined with the nature of mixing in AD processes, means that these compounds are often not digested effectively. However, with an AMT microwave breaking down these components we are able to generate more methane per tonne of feedstock used. Typically we see increases in gas generation of 25-35%, more than enough to offset the energy costs of running our technology.

Speed up digestion

As well as increasing the quantity of methane gas generated, AMT technology is able to speed up the generation of that gas. This allows operators to effectively reduce the retention time of their vessels or increase their throughput.

With AMT technology a new AD plant can be constructed to be much smaller and more compact allowing for reduced capital costs In turn the helps to reduce the payback time and increases the rate of return for a potential AD process.

For existing AD sites operating with a gate fee structure, the opportunity is to reduce the retention time with AMT technology and increase the feedstock flow rate to help generate more income from your existing asset.

AMT equipment integrated into production plant

Waste treatment for AD

Process difficult feedstocks

AMT microwaves work particularly well on tough to digest waste feedstocks with high cellulosic contents. Typically these feedstocks are not used extensively due to the fact they give low gas yields and require high retention times. However, with the benefits laid out above AMT can enable the use of these more abundant but less productive feedstocks.

This opens up new opportunities for the industry to grow sustainably as opposed to relying on purpose grown energy crops as it has done in the past. Indeed we have already conducted many tests on various tough feedstocks including: potato peelings, grass/rye silage and abattoir waste (along with many others). We may already have results for a waste material like yours. Contact us today to get more information on the tests we have completed as well as information on our facilities and partners for conducting new tests.

Buy or lease industrial microwave equipment


We offer our capital equipment with both sales and leasing options to meet your requirements. We have also have great relationships with financing partners who can help spread the cost of an AMT system over a set period to help maximise the return on investment of your process.

EASY TO INSTALL & maintain

AMT technology can be easily installed in standard shipping containers helping minimise expensive civil engineering costs. We also offer remote monitoring systems so our engineers and partners can make sure your system is running efficiently maximising the benefit to your AD process.