Advanced microwave technologies (AMT) is a company based on the technology of our founder Yuriy Zadyraka. In 2002 he developed a method of heating liquids volumetrically using his now patented resonator chamber design (patent assigned to AMT ltd.). The company was founded in 2009 with a primary market in the juice pasteurisation sector. Now as we continue to grow our team are working to apply the exact same technology in new applications in the food and drinks & industrial biotechnology sectors. Over the years we have refined our designs and built strong relationships with external manufacturing suppliers who have helped us to scale our business sustainably. As we continue to enjoy success in the juice market we also look forward to applying our technology to a variety of new process industries.



Our Senior Team

AMT CEO - FIona Lowrie
AMT founder and technical director - Yuriy Zadyraka

Fiona Lowrie

Fiona has extensive experience in leading fast-growing technology firms. Fiona began her career at Bain & Company in London before joining Optos where she was part of the management team which delivered the successful IPO. Since then Fiona has done a mix of Chief Executive roles, with a focus on strong revenue growth, and strategy advisory work. Much of the advisory work has been for private equity firms, conducting commercial due diligence and supporting turnarounds in the portfolio companies. Fiona’s focus at AMT is to commercialise this exciting technology and grow the business.

Yuriy zadyraka
(Founder & technical director)

Yuriy trained and specialised in microwave and plasma physics in Kiev. He then moved and worked at the General Physics Institute (IOFAN) in Moscow for many years where he became one of their leading experts in applied microwave and plasma physics. Following his move to Scotland in 1995, he led numerous projects involving the use of microwaves and plasma in liquid waste streams for Scottish Water, Thames Water and Heineken.

Sam Kerr (process engineer)

Sam kerr
(Development manager)

Sam is currently working on heading up our line of biotech and AD projects working to develop viable industrial processes using our technology. He is a member of various industrial & academic networks including IBioIC, Biovale and the HVCFP network (High value chemicals from plants). He is also leading an international innovate UK project looking at treating municipal waste with microwaves to create a non-food sugar end product.

Danny Graham (process engineer)

Danny Graham
(Senior process engineer)

Danny is currently working with academic and commercial partners on applying AMT technology to processes in the industrial biotechnology and food & drink sectors. In particular he is working with a local company to process natural sugar beet residues for use in chocolate and muffins.

Join our team

We are not currently advertising any positions but are always looking for new talent. So if you think you could make a great addition to our team, please send in your CV to the email below: