Let AMT Transform your AD

Accelerating AD and Boosting Biogas

Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

AMT’s Microwave Technology¬†can transform your AD process by pre-treating even the most recalcitrant feedstocks, breaking down materials at a cellular level to release more polymers, more quickly to the AD process. This means quicker release of more biogas. It also means that AD processes can produce viable gas from feedstocks such as FOG, where AMT’s rapid acceleration of the process reduces harmful ammonia.

“We have developed a model that can quickly assess your AD process requirements and generate an ROI Assessment using AMT’s technology as an enabler. We can model your system and estimate the potential Return on Investment, carry out a site survey to assess waste heat availability, capacity, plant configuration etc. We can then use Lab tests to confirm process improvements. Contact me today to find out more.” Stephen Roe CEO


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