Reducing Time to Market  

Innovative Microwave Technology for Innovation Centres


The scaleability of AMT technology means that developments in R&D using our Microwave Volumetric Heating method can be upscaled for production. This is attractive to Food and Drink manufacturers, chemical companies, fragrance and flavour producers, and others R&D Innovation Centres.
From a desktop unit to a large production unit, AMT equipment uses the same precision microwave production methods.

Research and Development Labs have used AMT units to test out recipes, to pilot production techniques and as a catalyst for biotechnology and chemical projects. The precision control system built in to the AMT units ensures temperature control evenly across a flowing liquid. This means that there are no hot or cold spots, quality damage or tainting. AMT is unique in offering a patented, flow-based microwave heating method.

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AMT Innovation in Microwaves