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  • 2018 Resolution: Digest more Fat, Oil and Grease

    It took several months of work to chip away at the 130 ton ‘fatberg’ that blocked a London sewer last year. Fat, Oil and Grease can be hard to deal with, but it can be made more digestible. In the world of Anaerobic Digestion (AD), …

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  • Striving for Interdependence: factors critical to the AD sector

    We talk to quite a lot of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant Operators who, prior to 2014, successfully grabbed the initial opportunity that the tariffs and incentives at the time provided and got their plant up and running.  But a few years into it, they now …

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  • AMT’s Stephen Roe to talk at ADBA National Conference 2017

    “During our research work, on applying microwave technology to AD, we participated in last year’s ADBA Conference in York. The theme of the event was ‘30% More Biogas’, a target that seemed challenging, yet necessary to maintain profitability in the industry. Since then, our team …

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  • When the Oil Runs Out, Head for the Woods!

    You may not have heard of it but it is one of the most abundant materials on earth. Lignin is the tough cellulose material at the heart of woody plants. When fossil fuel reserves are eventually exhausted, the essential by-products of refining will no longer …

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