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AMT’s Microwave Technology inactivates MAP in milk

AMT Microwave Technology controls MAP in milkMycobacterium Avium subspecies Paratuberculosis (MAP) causes Johne’s disease in cattle and is a potential zoonotic organism that is endemic in dairy herds across the globe. A recent study by the Moredun Research Institute examined the ability of AMT’s Microwave Volumetric Heating method (MVH) to inactivate MAP. The study concluded that:

“MAP was more efficiently inactivated by Microwave Volumetric Heating than conventional heating.”

MAP Inactivation with MicrowavesComplete inactivation (ie 6-log reduction) occurred at a temperature between 73°and 79°C when heated for approximately 30 seconds. As AMT’s Microwave Volumetric Heating technology has been shown in other studies to process milk up to 85°C without affecting the nutritional content and organoleptic properties, this technology offers the dairy sector an efficient and cost-effective method of ensuring the biosecurity of dairy products against existing and emerging pathogens, some of which may not be completely inactivated by conventional HTST pasteurisation. To download a paper on this important research please request this on our contacts form. Click HERE to read more about the impact of MAP in milk and how AMT can make your dairy production process free from MAP.

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