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Better Pasteurisation from AMT  

Microwave Pasteurisation Increases Shelf Life and Quality

– Improved Colour and Taste Retention
– Extended Product Shelf Life
– Improved Retention of Nutrients
– Faster Pasteurisation at lower temperatures
– Reduced Energy Costs
– Continuous microwave flow processing

MVH-processed fruit and vegetables were evaluated in terms of taste, colour, nutrients and shelf-life and these were compared with raw and HPP-processed product. The results showed that our lightweight, small footprint, continuous-flow, MVH process matched the performance of High Pressure Processing equipment over 8 weeks, but without the batch limitations, weight, footprint, and at less than 25% of the capital and operating costs of HPP.

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Reduced Production Costs

AMT’s microwave heating increases yield by reducing evaporative losses, process waste and through better performance of components such as starch. Existing recipes can also be improved, for example in dairy-based sauces, butter can be reduced by up to 50% whilst maintaining flavour and organoleptic properties. Similarly, in certain breakfast products, cream can be replaced by semi skim milk, and in sausages, salt and spices can be reduced.


No Hot Surfaces, No Hot Spots.

Traditional methods of heating flowing liquids rely on conduction from contact with a hot surface held well above the required final temperature and convection within the volume. This method inevitably results in a portion of the product being over-heated for the entire volume to exceed the target temperature.

AMT’s technology heats the entire volume of the liquid or suspension almost instantaneously to within 1°C without any hot surfaces. This reduces the pasteurisation temperature by 15°C-20°C. This kills vegetative cells and spores at significantly lower temperatures than traditional methods.

AMT’s method of delivering microwave energy deeply into flowing liquids on an industrial scale is a world first. It is a highly flexible, highly accurate and versatile system which can heat flowing liquids, suspensions, gels, and pastes.

Contact us today to discuss how AMT technology can convert your batch process into efficient flow production methods, reduce your costs and increase your product quality and shelf life.

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