Increase your Chemical Yield with AMT  

Increased Chemical Yield from Plants using AMT’s Microwave Extraction

-higher compound yields using microwave extraction
-faster breakdown of plant materials to release useful compounds

AMT’s microwave technology can be used to enhance chemical extraction or leaching processes. Useful compounds are transferred from a solid, such as plant material, to a liquid where they can be more easily concentrated. This enables the production of pharmaceuticals and supplement compounds from a natural source quickly and effectively.

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Chemical extraction using microwaves

The Microwaves rotate the cells creating heat, this bursts the cell walls and releases the compounds.

Compared to traditional pharmaceutical methods of deriving compounds, AMT’s microwave-assisted extraction offers a simpler, greener and more effective process. Extraction yields are increased and process times are decreased, making more processes viable and increasing the efficiency of existing production facilities. When applied to a biological system microwaves also have the benefit of bursting cells and accessing compounds that would normally be protected by the cell wall.

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