Boosting your AD Process  

Microwave Pre-Treatment produces up to 62% more Biogas

Let your AD process get the most from your feedstocks by breaking their structure down using microwaves.

– Pre-Treatment for Anaerobic Digestion
– Energy efficient Biogas Production
– Microwave Stabilisation of Feedstocks
– Microwave Sterilisation of waste
– Excellent ROI makes marginal projects viable
– Scaleable technology
– Trials available on your feedstock

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AMT produces More Biogas Faster!



AMT technology uses microwaves to split apart cells and provide more effective anaerobic digestion. The microwaves also kill microbes that would compete with the AD process.The result of this pre-AD processing is a more efficient conversion of materials into biogas AND at a faster rate than with conventional methods. Trials have achieved up to 62% increase in Biogas yield using microwave pre-treatment! Contact us to ask about our results or what the ROI would mean for your business.



The applications of AMT microwave technology in the field of Biotechnology are endless. We work closely with research institutes and leading Biotech companies to develop ways of applying our technology to existing processes, and to provide new methods of production at an industrial scale. Contact us today to discuss how we radically improve your Biotech processes.


AMT Innovation in Microwaves