The AMT Team

AMT, Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd, is focussed on delivering its innovative, precision heating technology to customers across several industry sectors including Food & Drink and Industrial Biotechnology.

The AMT team has developed the equipment to be highly robust and efficient. We now offer equipment from laboratory scale to industrial scale using the same proven principles that deliver microwave energy deeply and evenly into the entire volume of flowing liquids, a technique which is known as Microwave Volumetric HeatingTM.

Over the past few years, in addition to our commercial work for customers, we have been supported by Innovate UK, Interface Scotland and Scottish Enterprise to develop new applications, carry out market and technical feasibility and validate the technology in new sectors.

The current team has been in place since in early 2014 and brings many years’ experience in business management, technological innovation, biological and food sciences and in building valuable and enduring relationships with customers. In 2015 the team developed new applications for the emerging Industrial Biotechnology sector, including Pre-treatment for Anaerobic Digestion feedstocks.

AMT is a member of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre and are highly active members of many of the BBSRC NIBBs, Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy, including ADNet, Food Waste Net, LBNet, High Value Chemicals from Plants, Biopronet and IBCarb.

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Stephen Roe CEO AMT

Stephen Roe: Chief Executive Officer

Over 39 years working in high tech manufacturing: 50% as a line manager and 50% in interim and consulting roles. Wide experience in a variety of manufacturing businesses. Many of the consulting roles have been long-term assignments with a strong turnaround element. Previously with Optos plc and KPMG.



Dr Yuriy Zadyraka: Founder & Technical Director

Yuriy trained and specialised in microwave and plasma physics in Kiev. He then moved and worked at the General Physics Institute (IOFAN) in Moscow for many years where he became one of their leading experts in applied microwave and plasma physics. Following his move to Scotland in 1995 he led numerous projects involving the use of microwaves and plasma in liquid waste streams for Scottish Water, Thames Water and Heineken.

AMT Innovation in Microwaves