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Boosting: Food & Drink shelf-life, Biogas, Chemical Extraction and Waste treatment.

AMT – Microwave Innovation in the Pipeline

-Precision microwave processing of flowing materials:

-up to 62% more Biogas from microwave pre-treatment of AD feedstocks. Read more…
-improved shelf life & flavour with faster, lower temperature pasteurisation, Read more…
-accelerates extraction of valuable chemicals from plants. Read more…
-makes waste and bi-products safe with microwave sterilisation.

“AMT microwave technology is a real ‘game-changer’ in the world of biotechnology.”

AMT is revolutionising the pre-treatment of materials for Biotechnology. AMT’s microwave pre-treatment in Anaerobic Digestion breaks down tough feedstock materials and makes more of it available to the AD process. This technique has boosted Biogas output by up to 62% in trials! AMT’s technology can also sterilise the waste products after AD for safe disposal.

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“A lower cost solution than HPP pasteurisation, with more benefits.”

AMT’s precision heating of products in a flow process, means no hot surfaces or hot spots, just consistent delivery of heat throughout. Microbes are killed off at lower temperatures and with shorter retention times.

AMT microwave technology can improve any application needing fast and efficient heating in a flow process. This includes the precision heating of materials for Industrial Biotechnology, Food and Drink, Dairy, Fragrances and Flavours, Health, Research Labs, Universities, Waste Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion, and many more. Contact us today to discuss how AMT can improve your processes.

Working with clients

Our scientists have an initial consultation with you about your requirements under NDA. Recognising the clients may not have previously used microwave technology we develop a test protocol. This is developed using Design of Experiments to reduce the number test points and get to the optimum process in the fastest way. This protocol fully documents the client’s interaction with AMT in terms of objectives, scope, approach, reporting, timing, costs and responsibilities. If there are any significant risk factors, these are identified and mitigating actions recorded. We have a wide range of equipment available to suit most flow rate and processing conditions, including temperature, pressure and retention time.


Working with partners and universities

We have an excellent track record with Innovate UK and working with collaborators to deliver innovative processes. Our team are all trained in Prince 2 Project management, Risk Assessment and Analytical Problem Solving using the world-class Kepner Tregoe (KT) method. These skills form the basis of our collaboration success.



AMT improves the efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion by pre-treating materials with microwaves. This can boost Biogas by up to 62%. Learn more…



AMT’s technology can accelerate the extraction of useful chemicals and compounds from plants. Learn more…



AMT creates new opportunities for R&D in food development, chemicals and other lab environments. Learn more…

Food & Drink


AMT extends shelf life without damaging flavour or nutrients, killing micro-organisms at lower temperatures and retention times. Learn more…

Contact us now to find out how AMT can transform your processes and production.

2018 Resolution: Digest more Fat, Oil and Grease

It took several months of work to chip away at the 130 ton ‘fatberg’ that blocked a London sewer last year. Fat, Oil and Grease can be hard to deal with, but it can be made more digestible. In the world of Anaerobic Digestion (AD), micro-organisms eat away at organic material and produce gas. The gas output can vary greatly …

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Striving for Interdependence: factors critical to the AD sector

We talk to quite a lot of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant Operators who, prior to 2014, successfully grabbed the initial opportunity that the tariffs and incentives at the time provided and got their plant up and running.  But a few years into it, they now struggle to realise the return on their investment that they expected; often because the plant …

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AMT’s Stephen Roe to talk at ADBA National Conference 2017

“During our research work, on applying microwave technology to AD, we participated in last year’s ADBA Conference in York. The theme of the event was ‘30% More Biogas’, a target that seemed challenging, yet necessary to maintain profitability in the industry. Since then, our team at AMT, working with leading academic institutes, has developed and tested pre-treatment technology that, not …

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AMT Provides Precision Heating to Flowing Materials through a patented Microwave System. Call us today to arrange a trial.