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AMT Technology

Highly efficient, and cost effective, microwave pasteurisation, sterilisation and extraction.

AMT for Research Lab Processing

Desktop microwave heating for research.

AMT for Food and Drink Pasteurisation

All the performance of HPP but without the limitations.

AMT in Biotechnology

Enabling Innovation in Biotechnology

AMT delivers microwave energy deep into flowing liquids on an industrial scale in a highly controllable way. Find out more about Microwave Volumetric Heating...

“Finally, a technology that Kills Microbes at Lower Temperatures and shorter Retention Times.”

AMT technology is a ‘game-changer’ in the world of pasteurisation and sterilisation.

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AMT’s technology heats the entire volume of the liquid almost instantaneously to within 1°C without any hot surfaces. This reduces the pasteurisation temperature by 15°C-20°C. This kills vegetative cells and spores at significantly lower temperatures than traditional methods.

AMT’s method of delivering microwave energy deeply into flowing liquids on an industrial scale is a world first. It is a highly flexible, highly accurate and versatile system which can heat flowing liquids, suspensions, gels, and pastes. Contact us now to find out how AMT can transform your processes and production.

No Hot Surfaces, No Hot Spots.

Imagine how your production can be improved by heating products in a flow process, with no hot surfaces, no hot spots, just even heating consistently through the product.

Traditional methods of heating flowing liquids rely on conduction from contact with a hot surface held well above the required final temperature and convection within the volume. This method inevitably results in a portion of the product being over-heated for the entire volume to exceed the target temperature.

AMT range of machinesMatches HPP performance at a Lower Cost, Smaller Size, Less Weight and with flow process capability without the limitations of batch processing.

AMT technology can be applied to hundreds of applications needing fast and efficient heating in a flow process. This includes the precision heating of materials for Industrial Biotechnology, Food and Drink, Dairy, Fragrances and Flavours, Health, Research Labs, Universities, Waste Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion, and many more. Contact us today to learn more about our range of equipmnent.

Food & Drink


Extend shelf life without damaging flavour or nutrients. Process difficult liquids without burn-on, taints or fouling. Kill micro-organisms at lower temperatures and retention times. Reduce the fat and salt content of processed food. Turn your batch processes into continual production. Learn more…



AMT can improve the efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion by pretreating materials with microwaves. This enables efficient AD of tougher, woody plant materials. Learn more…



AMT equipment can be used in any process requiring highly accurate heat delivered to a flowing liquid, suspension or semi-solids in a continuous process, on an industrial scale from 30 litres to over 4000 litres per hour. Learn more…



AMT technology is ideal for research labs looking for a convenient way of heating materials to precise temperatures, as a catalyst and to target key molecules or enzymes. Learn more…

Contact us now to find out how AMT can transform your processes and production.

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AMT Provides Precision Heating to Flowing Materials through a patented Microwave System. Call us today to arrange a trial.